Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Next direction to be inspired by Monmouth

Following up to yesterday’s post, it’s hard to know which avenue to explore first. I could tell you about the ancient forester rights for the Forest of Dean, and how these were eroded in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars by the navy’s need for oak. I could talk about the Dean Forest Riots and punishment by transportation to van Dieman’s Land. I could discuss the social changes that drove whole families to move away from their places of origin. We could take a little diversion to the whims of Regency aristocracy and the work of the Kymin Club. More on Horatio Nelson and naval battles. Life in service at a “big house” and the estates of the Dukes of Beaufort. Jumping back in time a whole lot more I could digress to Henry V and other famous people of Monmouth, Agincourt and Welsh archers, Shakespeare and forging national identity, knitting in the 14th century.

And of course, more personal family history: the Barnetts in Le Bons Bay including the hellfire Welsh preacher (I wish we had audio recordings! Imagine that accent!), the Evans in Wairarapa, and initial responses to DNA testing. Oh and of course I want to find out more about Edward Barnett and his family.

Believe it or not, all these disparate subjects are linked to yesterday’s post! Wow, and I managed to mention Shakespeare and Nelson in the course of conversation again. Why not comment and help me decide which area to pick first!

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